Learn From Professional Hockey Educator's!

We feel that the key to becoming a better Hockey Player is learning "The Basic Fundamental Skills properly"!  This the case for all Athletes, no matter what sport you play.  Irregardless of what level your game is at, The Christensen Hockey School will have specific Drills to address your "Skill Development Needs".

Video Tape Analysis

Receive daily feedback and analysis on your hockey game in classroom setting. Instant-replay video cameras film you on the ice to provide an immediate breakdown of your performance. This teaching aid allows our staff to work with you more effectively during your on-ice sessions.

Proper Checking Technique

Learn to check properly instead of just knocking your opponent to the ice. The true purpose of checking is to separate the player from the puck or eliminate open players from the offense without being called for interference.

Action in Front of the Goalie - Training Techniques
Learn the proper forward skating techniques!

Avoid Injury

Make contact using the proper angles and body position. Discover how to receive or check properly, so you don’t get hurt and are able to get back into the play quickly.  Once the Player learns this, you eliminate some of the fear that can sometimes be associated with the Body Contact aspect of the Game. 

Team Concepts

Learn to read and react to certain game situations. For example, we teach you how to play 1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 3×2, 3×3 on the rush, and 3×3 down low both defensively and offensively. Additionally, you are taught basic breakout concepts, as well as how to play 5×5 in both the offensive and defensive zones.

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